Republic’s Best of 2020

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Ending soon: Zephyr Aerospace, Pathbooks, 1World Online, PuffCuff, Flexable, It’s By U, Juked, American Dreamhouse – Boeing Ave and Draper Startup House
Best of 2020, and what’s in store for 2021
To celebrate the close of 2020, today we’re going to share some of our most popular Republic Insider newsletters of the year. Then we’ll briefly look ahead to 2021, which is setting up to be a very exciting year for private investors.

The importance of startup diversification

2021 shaping up to be a big year
Back in early November, we shared some exciting news. The SEC announced that it was increasing the limit on Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns from $1.07 million to $5 million (per company, every 12 months)! This change will go into effect sometime in early 2021.

After this new rule goes into effect, companies will be able to raise almost 5x as much on Republic as they previously could using Regulation Crowdfunding (most of the deals you see on Republic). Our real estate deals will also be able to raise up to $5 million per project, every 12 months.

This will be a monumental change for our industry. We expect larger, more established startups to seek funding on Republic once the limit is raised. And even more ambitious projects will become possible on Republic Real Estate, and in other verticals. We believe the end result will be very positive for both entrepreneurs and investors. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to this change going live.

There’s a lot more we have planned for 2021. We will continue to improve our iPhone app, launch an Android app ASAP, and keep working to improve the Republic experience for our community.

We wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year!

-Team Republic

P.S. Be sure to check out our special holiday promotions from Republic portfolio companies. The offers include discounts on self-directed IRA services, home security systems, upcycled brownie kits, and much more. Many of these deals expire soon, so check them out now to take advantage of these limited time offers.


New game offering on Fig – Push Your Family

Push Your Family is a slapstick family adventure game, now live on Fig. You can now pre-order the game with a pledge, or make a reservation to invest and potentially earn returns depending on the game’s success. To learn more visit Push Your Family’s page on Fig.

Launched this week

The next generation, reusable N95 – for the world’s well-being.

Current offerings on NextSeed


ARRIVE Albuquerque
Boutique hotel chain’s newest location in fast-growing Albuquerque market.


Next gen gunshot detection system, making schools, workplaces and public spaces safer.



Shoot The Moon
Reinventing casual dining by pairing chef-driven food & innovative self-service tap wall.



Lonesome Soldier
Feature film investment opportunity from new genre production & distribution team.


Offerings displayed above are current crowdfunding and 506(c) offerings that are not oversubscribed and which are being facilitated by NS Securities, LLC, a registered broker dealer and member of FINRA (check out its background on BrokerCheck®), an entity which is neither affiliated nor under common control with Republic. Offerings hosted by “NextSeed” can be accessed at (“NS Platform”). Securities offerings on the NS Platform are subject to applicable terms and conditions of NextSeed and NS Platform. No offering on the NS Platform has been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority and is not endorsed or recommended by Republic.

Startups closing soon

Zephyr Aerospace is about to close!
$676,163 raised · $100 min. investment

A lie-flat airline seat for Economy Class travelers


Pathbooks is about to close!
$97,448 raised · $100 min. investment

Live your own story

1World Online is about to close!
$262,732 raised · $100 min. investment

Smart, targeted advertising that engages users


Logo of PuffCuff
PuffCuff is about to close!
$159,054 raised · $100 min. investment

A hair clamp for curly, or textured hair that will not cause pain or hair damage


Flexable is about to close!
$45,703 raised · $250 min. investment

On-demand childcare to make Life + Work fit


It’s By U is about to close!
$62,854 raised · $100 min. investment

Ending the cycle of flower waste through farm-direct floral subscriptions


Juked is about to close!
Sold out · $100 min. investment

The one-stop destination for esports entertainment


American Dreamhouse – Boeing Ave is about to close!
Sold out · $250 min. investment

Residential fix and flip project near LA’s tech hub


Draper Startup House is about to close!
Sold out · $195 min. investment

A coliving community for entrepreneurs in the heart of Austin


Startup updates
Logo of Moku Foods
Moku Foods: Mendocino Farms co-founder invests in Moku Foods

Intellivision Amico: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Tapa: Happy Holidays from Team Tapa


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