Resonado Labs launches on Republic

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The speaker reinvented


• Technology licensor introducing the speaker reinvented
• Over $200K in revenue to date
• $6M in deal pipeline, Resonado projects $2M in revenue for 2021
• Signed contracts with international manufacturers
• $2.2M in funding to date from 500 Startups, Notre Dame’s IDEA Center, etc.
• $33B addressable high-growth market

• Featured on media outlets such as Forbes, TechCrunch, NBC Chicago, etc.
Audio products are rapidly evolving yet still use century-old speaker technology. Just look at the volume button – that’s the electrodynamic speaker driver, which has been around for over a century and is pretty much guaranteed to be everywhere, even in the latest, most cutting-edge products like smart speakers or electric cars.
Resonado is reinventing the speaker. They’ve engineered FCS technology that delivers a slim form factor without compromising sound performance or breaking the bank – positioning the technology to be the first to truly challenge the ubiquity that the conventional speaker driver has enjoyed for the past hundred years.

Resonado projects $2M in revenue
700K FCS drivers are set to enter the market this year in soundbars, RVs, boats, and electric cars. With over $200K in revenue to date from pilot projects, Resonado is projecting to hit $2M this year from 4 product categories, starting with the RV industry. They’ve projected to grow from a target of $10M annual revenue from existing partners, to $50M from partners in Resonado’s pipeline, to over $100M from new future partners.


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