Retailing at 80+ stores in Colorado – Backyard Soda Co. launches on Republic

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Sodas as natural as your backyard
8 unique, all-natural flavored syrups and 3 sparkling soda options

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The Highlights
Retailing at 80+ stores in Colorado and on track to reach 300+ stores in 2020
Partnership with Whole Foods, available online and on Amazon
895% growth rate of online sales from Feb ’20 – April ’20 (unaudited)
CBD/CBD Beverage market expected growth by 2024 – $20B (CBD)/ $4.5B (Bev)
$237K raised including successful crowdfund raise of $107K in Oct ’19
For the sober-curious, there is a lack of non-alcoholic beverages that come with the flavor, feel, and social normality of a cocktail.

Backyard Soda Co. has created a CBD infused soda that allows consumers to socialize without giving up fun and flavor of a cocktail. All of their products are made in small-batches with real ingredients using local products whenever possible


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