Revolutionary Outboard Engine Raises $500K

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Re-defining the outboard engine
$553,143 Raised | 929 Investors
$250.00 Min. Investment
Alfadan has created a proprietary, marine-specific outboard engine design that will revolutionize the boating industry. Alfadan’s engines have at least 50% more horsepower, 50% fewer moving parts, and less weight which leads to better performance, less fuel consumption, and a much lower cost of operation. Other reasons to invest in Alfadan include:
Market Opportunity: The global marine outboard engine market is forecasted to reach $17B by 2025.
Experienced Team: Alfadan’s leadership has a combined 80 years of experience, as well as relationships with key industry players.
Alfadan’s proprietary inline four-cylinder engine design has solved the secondary balance issue that has plagued outboard engines for over 100 years. You can invest in Alfadan for as little as $250.


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