Robots on location in Los Angeles, MA, and CO, Announcing greenbox Robotics ๐Ÿš€

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greenbox Robotics helps customers live healthier lives by educating and retailing modern wellness products from their robotic retailers. Their curated mix of plant based medicine helps customers manage stress, sleep soundly through the night, with inflammation & even relaxation.

Deal Highlights
Partnerships with 35 different qualified wellness brands
Testing locations in multiple states at grocery stores, shopping malls, and convenience stores
Industry projected to grow to $23.7B by 2025

Issuer Updates

Deuce Drone was chosen by Startup Pill as a top pick for the best drone startups. Read more here.

SampleServe is on the TV Show Elevator Pitch. You can watch CEO Russell Schindler’s pitch here. SampleServe starts at the 6:05 mark.

Aquaboy signed an $8.6 Million Dollar exclusive agreement with our distributor in Vietnam. The first 100 unit sales contract thereunder is starting production this week.

Transparent Path had their Live Q&A with Netcapital this week. You can watch it here.


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