SampleServe more than 25% Funded

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SampleServe simplifies environmental project management by automating routine activities and improving communication between project engineers and managers, environmental field technicians, and environmental labs. Sample collection information and lab data is then quickly and efficiently turned into actionable graphical images and maps which detail where contamination is, where it isnโ€™t, what the concentrations are, and which direction itโ€™s heading. View Offering

Deal Highlights
Awarded 2 Patents on their Digital Chain-Of-Custody. Patents #10,198,676 and #10,281,367
By 2025 the environmental engineering services market is expected be worth $44 Bn
Cuts report costs by more than 86%

Recent Company Updates

SampleServe was recently on the TV Show Elevator Pitch. Click on the link below to watch. SampleServe starts at the 6:05 mark. Comment what you thought of Russell’s pitch on the Discussion board of his Offering Page.


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