See what’s in store at TruCrowd this June

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Among other things, a new month brings a dash of hope and fresh beginnings.

So let’s set the tone for a productive June with some promising updates on the companies raising on TruCrowd!

Med-X, Inc. provider of green products, has just joined our growing list of issuers. The company offers eco-friendly solutions such as Nature-Cide, Thermal-Aid and many others which currently have local and global distributions. Give Med-X, Inc. a warm welcome with your support!

Meanwhile, Streaming Television Inc. is helping local-focused channels get a wider audience by deploying a streaming television channel on the major Over-The-Top (OTT) devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Apple TV, and others. Help Streaming Television Inc provides a voice for local communities across the country by supporting their offering.

Also, don’t miss out on crowdfunding platform StartEngine, which is currently running its fourth crowdfunding round on TruCrowd.

To check out other investment opportunities, you may see our complete lineup of issuers below.

Thank you and stay safe out there!

Recently Added

Leader in green solutions

$2,820 Committed | 1 Investors
$420 Min. Investment
$88M Valuation

Project JAM
Multi-platform catering to musicians, songwriters, producers (via Musicfy)

$5,700 Committed | 15 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation

Matches people to events

$1,150 Committed | 3 Investors
$150 Min. Investment
$2.4 M Valuation

Over $100K Raised!

Building Economic Advancement Networks

$145,750 Committed | 216 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

Provider of alternative residential apartment solutions

$111,853 Committed | 94 Investors
$500 Min. Investment
$4M Valuation

StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc.
Crowdfunding and security token offering platform

$266,546 Committed | 218 Investors
$506.25 Min. Investment
$190M Valuation
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Minimum Goal Reached
(accepting over-subscriptions)
H & G Science, Inc.
Biotechnology (via CryptoLaunch)

$23,650 Committed | 21 Investors
$50 Min. Investment

Weeds Never Sleep, LLC
The first weeding tool that works with jets of hot water.

$27,348 Committed | 34 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation

Trouvaille LLC
Global travel and experiences

$9,800 Committed | 8 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$2.2M Valuation


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