SeedInvest Campaign Milestones: This Week’s Milestones | Virtuix, 20/20 & Miso Robotics

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A number of our deals reached new milestones this week. Check them out below:

Miso Robotics surpassed $8mm raised and is still accepting investments. Miso Robotics is developing artificially intelligent robots to make food efficiently and consistently. The company is the most raised live deal on SeedInvest.
20/20 GeneSystems surpassed $2.5mm raised and is still accepting investments until it closes its campaign on SeedInvest on Friday, October 30th. The company is developing and commercializing artificial intelligence-powered diagnostics for cancer & COVID-19.

Virtuix surpassed $1mm within the first week of launching its reservation campaign. Virtuix is the creator of Omni, an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside popular games and virtual worlds.


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