SeedInvest: Four Deals Launch & Last Week to Reserve Good Earth Organics

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Techmetics Robotics | End-to-end robotics solutions for hospitality, healthcare & manufacturing
• Deployed 80+ robots in U.S, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand across various service industries
• 2019 revenue of $1.8+mm, representing 89% increase against the prior year (unaudited)

Verdigris | Energy intelligence platform for commercial & industrial buildings
• Current notable customers include Verizon, T-Mobile, and Amazon
• Awarded a key patent in the U.S. and is in application for several other patents in the U.S. and China

Limeloop | Sustainable e-commerce shipping logistics
• Backed by key investors such as Sequoia Scout and Andy Dunn, founder of Bonobos; member of Target’s Technology Accelerator 2020 cohort
• Currently have 25 global retailers as customers, translating to over $10k in booked MRR by EOY

SeeMe | Digital marketplace connecting emerging artists with collectors
• Generated over $140k in revenue in 2019, representing a growth rate of over 100% from 2018 (unaudited)
• Formed a strategic relationship with Sotheby’s Institute and executed a licensing agreement with Meural, a company producing digital connected canvas built to showcase artwork and photography

Reservations Closing Soon

Last week to reserve shares in Good Earth Organics
Good Earth Organics formulates and manufactures high quality, certified organic potting soils and soil nutrients for indoor, hydroponic, and outdoor cannabis and hemp growers – yielding toxin-free plants for medical and recreational consumption. The company grew revenue 43% in 2019 to over $3mm, serving a broad base of individual consumers and hundreds of large-scale professional cannabis and hemp growers in the Emerald Triangle growing region.
Investors that reserve and convert shares will receive bonus investment perks.

Closing Soon

Humanly | Recruiting platform designed to save hiring teams time & improve candidate experience
• Grew monthly recurring revenue 279% from December 2019 to June 2020, reaching $19.9k of total monthly recurring revenue
• Participated in the Y Combinator accelerator in early 2020 and received an investment from their fund
The campaign is successfully funded, closing next Friday, October 9th at 11:59pm ET and still accepting investments.

SeedInvest Investor Perks
• Gatsby | All investors who reserve shares and later purchase their reserved shares will receive the next tier up of perks.
• Good Earth Organics | All investors who reserve shares and later purchase their reserved shares will receive a 50% discount code to purchase soil from the online store.
• Frame | To reward investors for investing early, the company has elected to raise via SWIFT Financing. Next Friday, October 9th, at 11:59pm ET is the last day investors will benefit from a 10% discount to the valuation cap.


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