SeedInvest New Deal Updates from Gatsby & More

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In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of recently announced deal updates. Additionally, we recently launched a “Follow” button. Be sure to click the “Follow” button on any company’s profile page that you are interested in. Read more here.

Miso Robotics’ expansion from White Castle covered in 40+ unique articles, achieving over 1B impressions – plus campaign closing next Friday
Since the announcement of its expansion with White Castle, Miso Robotics has received press in over 40 original articles. The press has covered the success of the pilot, emphasizing how Flippy is benefitting White Castle team members and customers by making it easier to socially distance, helping staff during long night shifts, and getting customers safe, contactless food. The features include: Forbes, Eater and Thrillist. Learn more

Caliber’s opportunity zone fund could aid in COVID-19 recovery
As the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted low-income communities, the White House believes qualified opportunity zones (QOZs) could be an important component for economic recovery. Caliber has already established a Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone fund, designed to acquire, redevelop, and manage a portfolio of diversified commercial properties located in federally designated QOZs. Learn more

NASDAQ features Cytonics & Virtuix, a market intelligence platform providing investors with insight into the public and private capital markets, recently featured Cytonics & Virtuix.

The Cytonics feature details the company’s lead drug candidate (CYT-108) for treating osteoarthritis and how it could potentially treat COVID-19 symptoms. Specifically, the author also discusses the recent hiccups of COVID-19 vaccine trials, CYT-108’s comparison to remdesivir, and Cytonics’ fundraise on SeedInvest. Learn more
The Virtuix article discusses the $9.3B VR market and companies like Facebook and Sony that are investing in the space. “Even with VR headsets, the gaming platform has generally been dominated by flat, two-dimensional experiences. With Virtuix, gamers finally have the immersive experience theyโ€™ve been longing for.” Learn more

Gatsby surpasses $50M of transactions on the platform
This past October was a new record for the options market – over 583M calls and puts were traded in the U.S., representing a 48% YoY industry growth. Gatsby is pleased to announce it recently crossed 200K contracts traded on the platform since launching last December, representing more than $50M of transactions. Learn more

Techmetics named as a top company addressing healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic
Startus-Insights recently listed Techmetics Robotics as one of the top five companies amongst 395 companies addressing healthcare needs during the pandemic. This year, Techmetics, provider of end-to-end robotics solutions for healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries, introduced a new product and enhanced their existing robots to support industries during the COVID-19 pandemic


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