SeedInvest’s Weekly Highlights: Interview with CEO Ryan Feit, Female Founder Story & More

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SeedInvest Weekly Highlights is a roundup of a selection of 5 deal updates, key milestones, portfolio company news, and more from the prior week.

1. SeedInvest Founder Series features CEO of Booxby, Holly Payne
Holly Payne is the founder and CEO of Booxby, an AI-powered marketing platform for content creators. SeedInvest recently sat down with Holly to hear about her journey to founding the company and what itโ€™s like to be a start-up founder. Booxbyโ€™s campaign is currently accepting investments.

2. Jassby is now successfully funded
Jassby, a mobile money app and virtual debit card for kids and teens, is now successfully funded towards its minimum funding target, and is still accepting investments.
With Jassby’s app, families can manage money, chores, and allowance right from their phones. Kids will be able to spend their money on products at the Jassby store as well as anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

3. SeedInvest CEO & co-founder Ryan Feit discusses recent landmark SEC regulation changes
FT Partners recently interviewed SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit following the announcement of the SEC regulatory changes increasing the cap of Reg CF deals from $1.07M to $5M and Reg A+ offerings from $50M – $75M. In the interview, Feit discusses the vision behind SeedInvest, how these recent regulatory changes will shape the landscape of private investing moving forward, SeedInvest’s performance in 2020, and more.
“The changes to Regulation Crowdfunding will make online fundraising much more attractive relative to more traditional offline fundraising for early-stage companies.”

4. Thuzio, a SeedInvest portfolio company, acquires Canadian entertainment platform to expand virtual events
Thuzio, a leading live & virtual event company for business entertainment which raised on SeedInvest in 2019, has announced its acquisition of Toronto-based Robin, a corporate entertainment platform for premium tickets and experiences. Thuzio events provide access to sports, business, entertainment, culinary icons, and business professionals.
“Due to an explosive demand for virtual event business we launched in the wake of the pandemic, Thuzio has doubled in size in 2020,” stated Jared Augustine, co-founder and CEO of Thuzio. “To accelerate this growth, we’re excited to invest in our tech capabilities through this strategic acquisition of Robin.”

5. Less than one week after launching, Gatsby surpasses $1M raised and is successfully funded
We are excited to announce that Gatsby, an options trading platform for a new generation of traders, has surpassed $1M in investments less than one week after launching its public campaign on SeedInvest.
Gatsby is on a mission to create a new, simpler, commission-free way for younger investors to trade options. Investors in Gatsby include Barclays, Techstars, Rosecliff Ventures, SWS Ventures, Irish Angels, and Plug & Play Ventures.
The campaign is now successfully funded towards its minimum funding target and still accepting investments.

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