Solar Nanofilm Company Raises $500K

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Pacific Integrated Energy
Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Creating New Solar Energy Markets
$598,140 Raised | 690 Investors
$500.00 Min. Investment
PI Energy is developing thin, flexible, solar nanofilms that make it possible to install solar on almost any surface. Their novel materials are low cost and easy to put in place, which opens vast new untapped markets for clean energy. Reasons to invest in PI Energy include:
Revolutionary Tech: PI Energy’s solar materials are ultra-flexible, durable, non-toxic, lightweight and can be implemented at a low cost.
Leadership: PI Energy’s founder and executive team includes industry experts who possess PhDs and Masters in Physics & Electrical Engineering, each with 20+ years of experience.
PI Energy’s innovative products enable new applications for solar, like wrapping around electric vehicles and being installed on industrial roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional solar panels. You can invest in PI Energy for as little as $500.


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