Solar Tech Company Raises $800K

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Invest in Solar
$901,540 Raised | 993 Investors
$500.50 Min. Investment

GoSun develops solar technologies that can cook, light or charge your electronics. Starting with solar ovens, GoSun expanded into solar fridges, solar lighting, off-grid power and is now addressing opportunities with shelter. Reasons to invest in GoSun include:
โ€ข Patents: GoSun has 5 utility patents on their breakthrough technology.
โ€ข Awards: In 2019, GoSun won a CES Climate Change Innovation Award, and in 2017, won Small Business of the Year.
โ€ข Traction: Over the past few years, GoSun has sold over 35,000 solar ovens and other solar products in over 60 countries worldwide.
You can invest in GoSun for as little as $500.50. Check it on our Invest tab.


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