Solstar Space Company

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The global space economy is valued at about $400 billion and is forecasted to exceed $1 trillion by the 2040s. Solstar is positioning themselves as a market leader and their campaign is ready for takeoff.

The company has raised $210K from 469 investors.


โ€ข Has already had 3 successful spaceflights and demonstrated the first commercial WiFi hotspot in space and Tweet from space.
โ€ข Founder has 30+ years of experience in the commercial space and satellite industries, including 6 years at NASA.
โ€ข Winner of the Top Award in Mobile Satellite Industry for 2020 by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) Chairman’s Award for Innovation.

Strong team with prior experience.

Solstar: The story so far.

๐Ÿช Creating a Space Wide Web.


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