Some New Companies & Some Closing Soon

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New ✨
I am Like You Film – A drama about the life and faith of a wolfdog in search of love and acceptance.
  • Starring film and television actress, Independent Spirit Award nominee, Stacy Edwards.
  • Production of the film is complete. The project is now in post-production.
Galactic Adventures – Cinematic immersive escape-room experience starring iconic sci-fi celebrities.
  • Two actors from “Star Trek: The Original Series” hold stock, namely, Walter Koenig & Nichelle Nichols.
  • Currently have a fully functioning and recognizable sci-fi set that fans travel from across the country to see.
Mindcurrent – AI that predicts and reduces stress across organizations.
  • Founders have 3 successful tech exits (incl. IPO), 2 Emmy nominations, and personal experience coaching NFL athletes and CEOs.
  • 2020 Startup Challenge Winner with investments from Nike executives, City of Beaverton, and Portland’s leading angels and data scientists.
Pippy Sips – Maia cools and monitors breastmilk so it’s safe all day. Like a fridge that fits in your purse.
  • Successfully raised over $20K from 182 backers on past crowdfunding campaign:
  • 73% of potential customers surveyed said they were likely to buy the product.
Closing Soon 🔥 – LinkedIn for underrepresented professionals.
  • Over 7,000 organic users and counting. Over 3,000 jobs posted.
  • Warner Bros, Jam City, Mozilla, Unity Technologies, and other top companies use the platform.
LEAH Labs – Curing cancer in dogs.
  • Y Combinator Alum.
  • Killed cancer in a test tube with the therapeutic; a CAR-T cell specific for B cell lymphoma.
Crafthouse Cocktails – People deserve well balanced, all-natural cocktails anywhere and every time.
  • Highest-Rated Ready to Drink Cocktails ever by San Francisco World Spirits competition and the Beverage Testing Institute.
  • Matt has owned 13 venues, and James Beard Award Winner Charles has bartended the Grammy’s and Kentucky Derby.
K-9 Divine – Reputable dog ranch that offers doggie daycare, boarding and training while you’re away!
  • $10M revenue since company was founded. Growing 30% Year-Over-Year.
  • 2000+ happy and loyal customers; 75% are repeat customers.
Le Bread Xpress – Revolutionary micro-bakery which bakes fresh pizza and pastry in seconds, 24/7.
  • Significant growth in installed machines over the last 4 months, including UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley tech giant.
  • Contract secured with the largest food operator in the world (15K U.S. locations).
Silent as the Grave Movie – A high-tension, thrilling mystery film that offers hope in the midst of tragedy.
  • This film already has a distribution LOI from Vision Video. They are interested in acquiring domestic and international rights.
  • Team has produced 15+ films, winning over 12 awards collectively along the way.
Sunjoined – Nationwide network for the vertical hemp industry in 7 states and growing.
  • Farmers are in 7 states. Inquiries to join increase daily.
  • In 3 months, 700+ people have signed up and shown interest in marketing and distributing hemp products with Sunjoined.
Close to Goal 🎯
Elite Amateur Fight League  94%
America’s first fan-owned sports league.

Digital tutoring app that makes learning bite-size and fun.

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