Someone got a makeover ๐Ÿ’… from Mainvest

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This week’s investment opportunities include a libation library in CT, a Mexican-American Caribbean-Soul cuisine mash-up, a sitcom about a bumbling yet revered realtor, a family-owned nano-brewery and a new restaurant concept celebrating Midwest heritage.

Top five trending offerings

1 – Moxi on the Rocks
Connecticut’s first all inclusive Libation Library of locally made beverages located in the former engine room of a hydro-powered paper mill.

2 – Los Jefes: Comida
Mexican-American and Caribbean-Soul food pop-up seeking to open a brick and mortar concept in Taunton, MA.

3 – Selling Seattle: The Sitcom
A smart broad comedy about a bumbling real estate broker who, despite his flaws, is revered by all.

4 – Drawing Board Brewing Company
Family-owned nano-brewery coming soon to Western Massachusetts brewing up award winning beers for last 10 years.

5 – 701 Eateries
Concept eatery with two restaurants and an event space celebrating Midwest heritage through nostalgia.


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