StartEngine Raises $4M In Its Own Offering

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The future of investing is here.
$4,642,571 Raised | $506.25 Min. Investment

As we celebrate raising over $4M (!) in our Regulation A+ offering, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate our shareholders, who are collectively what has made the StartEngine platform possible.

There are over 10,000 StartEngine shareholders, or StartEngine Owners as we like to call them, and this is what they have been up to in 2020:
โ€ข 35% of all investments on the platform have come from StartEngine Owners.
โ€ข 42% of all funds invested on StartEngine have come from StartEngine Owners.
โ€ข But they account for only 15% of the people who have invested on StartEngine this year, which shows just how active our community of Owners are!
We spend a lot of time talking about our platform growth, our future ambitions, and how we plan to change the way startups find funding all over the country, and at the heart of all of that, is our shareholders. Thank you to those of you who have supported us and become Owners over the years!

Join 10,000 StartEngine Owners and invest in StartEngine below:

What Investors Are Saying About StartEngine

“StartEngine is empowering economic growth in America by allowing companies to raise money for needed expansion and job creation while at the same time allowing the average investor to participate in angel investing.” – Bernabe, a new StartEngine shareholder.

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