Startups reach new milestones in Fundanna for March

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In this edition of Fundanna Updates, we celebrate a new startup reaching a significant milestone and say farewell to another which has a few days left to raise in its current funding round.

AphriHelios Global
$25k milestone reached

AphriHelios Global is a medicinal cannabis company leveraging Africaโ€™s prime position as a low-cost producer of quality cannabis products and bringing African and African diaspora brands to the global market.

AphriHelios accepts investments starting at $250.

Hemp Real Estate Investment, Inc.
12 days left

HREI is a startup that acquires commercial real estate properties to be used for entrepreneurs in the hemp industry. The company creates appreciation by acquiring, leasing, developing, managing and selling for the purposes of maximizing investor returns.

Fundannaโ€™s complete list of investment opportunities can be found below.

Stay safe out there!

Minimum Goal Reached

Core State Holdings Corp
The Largest Cannabis Social Network in the World
Regulation CF Offering
$33,694 Raised | 89 Investors
$268 Min. Investment
$4,054,000 Valuation

Hemp Real Estate Investments, Inc.
Commercial real estate opportunities in the hemp industry
Regulation CF Offering
$28,683 Committed | 72 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$3M Valuation

AphriHelios Global, LLC
African Cannabis Brand
Regulation CF Offering
$26,550 Committed | 35 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$18,563,000 Valuation
CBD e-Commerce platform
Regulation CF Offering
$23,206 Committed | 52 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$3,062,500 Valuation

HighRes Labs
“Pick and Shovel” Cannabis Investment
Regulation CF Offering
$12,500 Committed | 20 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$3,600,000 Valuation

Greenzone Pharms LLC
First CBD Hemp Processor in Illinois
Regulation CF Offering
$10,610 Committed | 43 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

New Investment Opportunities

Klean Scissors Inc.
Cleaning Solution for Cannabis Trimming Scissors
Regulation CF Offering
$250 Committed | 1 Investor
$250 Min. Investment
$3,700,000 Valuation

Recent Successful Offerings

World’s First Click and Collect Cannabis Platform
Regulation CF Offering
$206,100 Committed | 334 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

420 Real Estate, LLC
Real Estate Investment in the Hemp Industry
Regulation CF Offering
$894,700 Committed | 2080 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation


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