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Based on your Wefunder investor profile, you might want to check out MedCoShare — flexible coworking spaces for healthcare practitioners.

To run a practice, healthcare providers usually have to sign long-term leases, pay large deposits, and give personal guarantees. MedCoShare provides short-term and part-time offices without the costs and hassle, allowing doctors and other providers to practice independently and on their own terms.

The company has raised $266K from 105 investors.


• Went from concept to first location with 7 clients in 9 months (and growing), despite COVID.
• Addressing a clear unmet need; $900M+ potential market in the US.
• Founders are doctors and successful entrepreneurs with 30 years of real estate experience.

Scalable business model.

Proven traction within 1 year since launch.

First-mover advantage, run by industry experts.


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