Targeting a $60.7B global smart buildings market – Tapa launches on Republic

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The Highlights

Boosts performance efficiencies, safety, the convenience of physical spaces
Cost reductions on maintenance labor & opportunities to unlock new revenue
Closed 4 agreements in 5 months with leading building automation providers
Experienced team with system integrations and multi-tenant SaaS systems
Global Smart Buildings market growing 31.6% CAGR to $60B by 2025
Many commercial property owners and operators today still use dozens of disconnected solutions and outdated technology to manage and monitor their buildingโ€™s energy, controls, performance, safety, and communications systems. This inefficient set of operations is a costly challenge for both building owners and managers.

Tapa provides central control for building systems similar to how Amazon Alexa or Google Home works for the home. They solve the building operators’ need for a centralized, control platform to lower costs, unlock new revenue and give occupants direct control of their building experience.


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