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AtYourGate, now raising on Wefunder, is delivering food for travelers and airline staff directly to airport gates.

The company has already raised 71% of its minimum goal after being live for less than a week! That makes AtYourGate this weekโ€™s hot deal.

Leaving your gate while waiting for your plane to arrive can be nerve-wracking. What if you miss boarding or an important announcement? This can be particularly frustrating if there are no good food options nearby. AtYourGate has the solution and is already available in several airports across the nation. AtYourGate sends an โ€œambassadorโ€ to pick up your food and bring it right to your gate to enjoy while waiting or inflight. This solution is especially timely, as it limits the movement of and interaction between travelers in the time of COVID-19.

The business model operates on a convenience fee attached to each order ($4.99 for travelers and $2.99 for flight crews and airport employees). In the most recent fiscal year, the team reported just over $199k in revenue.


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