The Residences at Diamond Ridge launches on Republic

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Value-add real estate investment opportunity alongside a seasoned real estate sponsor
• Potential tax benefits from pass-through depreciation losses
• Securities offer liquidity preference, paid in full before all other classes
• Substantial renovations expected to drive rental increase of $200/unit
• Potential quick return of capital to investors; refinancing expected after 3 years
• Winston-Salem home prices have appreciated 38% since 2000
• Experienced sponsor who has done $30M+ in deals
The Residences at Diamond Ridge is an apartment complex located just 1.25 miles from downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Although the complex is fully leased, there is an opportunity to renovate and add long-term value to the property by doing significant interior and exterior renovations and increasing rents to market levels.
The Residences at Diamond Ridge is offering Republic investors the potential to receive an 8% annual preferred return for a period of 3 years, at which point Diamond Ridge intends to redeem the interests using proceeds from a refinancing of the property. This is an unprecedented opportunity to invest in a secure, quick return of capital.


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