The USA’s 911 infrastructure is broken. Kazoo is trying to fix it.

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Imagine you’re Pam Gordimer. It’s a lovely Sunday morning. You take your easel to Roosevelt Island and begin painting the beautiful scenery you see in front of you. The air is crisp and fresh. You inhale deeply and allow yourself to relax.

Suddenly, you hear a twig snap. You turn to your left and your adrenaline spikes. A disheveled man is holding a sharp stick and advancing towards you. The crazy look in his eyes reveals he’s on drugs, mentally unstable, or both. With your heart racing, you quickly grab your phone and dial 911.

“911, what is your emergency?” you hear.

You rush to explain what’s happening.

“What is your location?” the 911 dispatcher asks.

You explain your location.

“Just one moment—I have to transfer your call.”

Stunned at the delay, you wait while the 911 dispatcher transfers you to the correct jurisdiction. As you wait, the dangerous man slowly advances towards you.

Will help arrive in time?

911 Call Routing Errors = Loss of Life

The above is a true story. Thankfully, first responders made it to Mrs. Gordimer before her attacker could inflict serious harm. But not everyone is so lucky. In emergency situations, every second counts. In fact, the FCC estimates that 10,000 lives could be saved every year by reducing 911 response times by just one minute.

Kazoo is a mobile technology company that is working to save that minute by transforming how smartphones connect to 911.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you call 911 through Kazoo, precise pinpoint location data is automatically passed onto first responders.
  • This feature guarantees accurate call routing every single time, preventing critical delays like the one described in the story above and therefore saving lives.
  • Ensuring accurate call routing is just one of Kazoo’s many safety-related features.

Kazoo is a startup that has already raised over $600,000 in funding from the founders and 380+ independent investors. Anyone looking to promote a good cause while enjoying significant ROI potential can invest in Kazoo for as little as $100 through their Netcapital page.

Here’s what Patrick Spaulding Ryan, a former Google executive, has to say about why he invested in Kazoo:

“Until Kazoo, no product has addressed the myriad of challenges that safety brings. In my nine years at Google after academia, I noticed that even Google has a safety product for its own employees, but Google had no interest in developing a product that integrates into the public safety network. I’m excited to invest in Kazoo to see a product come to market of this kind.”


Made for All Types of Emergencies


Life-threatening 911 emergencies, like the one that Pam Gordimer experienced while painting, are hopefully few and far between. But most of us and our loved ones have experienced potentially dangerous situations before:

  • A car battery dies in a random parking lot, leaving someone stranded
  • A wife, girlfriend or daughter feels uncomfortable with a creepy Uber driver
  • A child forgets his house key and gets locked outside after school

In any potentially dangerous situation, Kazoo’s SOS feature provides instant peace of mind. With one tap, you can instantly start livestreaming to all of your emergency contacts. Everyone sees your precise pinpoint location, and if 911 needs to be called, any of your emergency contacts can call your local 911 dispatcher on your behalf—even if the emergency contact is located halfway around the world.


This first-of-its-kind mobile safety technology is made possible through Kazoo’s partnership with RapidSOS, a trusted data provider for public safety agencies worldwide. The partnership gives Kazoo  enhanced connectivity to 4,800+ emergency call centers across the USA (250M+ smartphones and 93% nationwide coverage).

Here’s what the Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS, has to say about the partnership with Kazoo:

“Together with innovative companies like Kazoo, certified as RapidSOS Ready, we’re providing people with an added layer of safety and security and we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.”


No Time to Waste


Traditional mobile technology companies rely on marketing to individual users in order to grow their user base. Although this approach can work well, it’s often expensive and can take years to reach mass adoption.

To get their technology into the hands of those who need it most, Kazoo has instead decided to focus on courting corporate B2B clients. These companies already have millions of users—which means that with just a few deals, the impact of Kazoo’s life-saving technology will be felt by millions.

With millions of users comes the investor ROI potential to match. Kazoo’s unique product and business model have already caught the eyes of well-known tech and business icons around the world. Most recently, Hillel Fuld, a startup expert based in Israel, joined the Kazoo Advisory Board.




To learn more about Kazoo and make an investment in the company for as little as $100, visit Kazoo’s Netcapital crowdfunding page.


By Peter J. Goodman.

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