These 8 deals are about to close… ⏳

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8 companies are closing on Republic this week.
Check them out:

Renewal Mill

Upcycled food company that fights climate change & food loss
Transforms supply chain inefficiencies into profitable revenue stream
#1 seller in category on Amazon | Sold in 85+ stores
$1.75M+ in funds to date (Techstars company)

COI Energy

Platform that detects, eliminates and monetizes energy waste
150+ paying customers, including Citi and US Foods
Recognized by Google 4 Startups as 1 of 30 Black founders to watch in 2021
Backed by Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab and SAP.iO

Smart Soda

Drink brilliant. Disruptive Soda Machines
First-to-market with proprietary soda machine designs & 32 amazing flavors
Reached profitability; major partners include Sysco, SkyChef, Bareburger
Experienced team – CEO was the US exclusive distributor of Sodastream Pro


Digital marketing platform driven by AI + data science (for SMBs)
Digital marketing platform driven by AI/data science; Patent pending
4,000+ B2B customers; 1,400 members in “Content Masters” FB group
~$15k+/m sales; $135k Sales in 6 Months; 75%+ average gross margin


Transforming urban transit
341% YoY revenue growth (2019 – 2020 YTD)
800+ rides taken | 2K+ riders on the waitlist
2020 Squarespace #MakeItAward winner


Luxury footwear without a footprint
Certified vegan, “110% sustainable”, luxury footwear, handmade in Italy
Co-founded and managed by fashion industry veterans
$1.305M in investment to date

Levered Learning

A flexible, high impact learning system for closing the gap in elementary math
Complete classroom & distance-ready instructional tool for elementary math
4x growth in 2019 and 2x for 2020 YTD
$100K revenue in last half 2019, $300k projected 2020

Blended Sense

A new kind of production: the content solution for your entire business
60% revenue growth month over month; projected $700k revenue by end of year
11K digital assets delivered and expected profitability by 2021
Capital Factory Texas Startup of the Year 2019


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