This Week’s Fundraising Milestones: Seedinvest

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This Week’s Fundraising Milestones

  • | Humanly, Arcade, Miso Robotics & Verdigris
    A number of our deals reached new milestones this week. Check them out below:

Humanly is successfully funded and closing next Friday, October 9th. The company is a recruiting platform designed to save hiring teams time and improve candidate experience.
Arcade surpassed $1.25mm raised and is still accepting investments. The company is a mobile platform helping companies increase employee performance and engagement across distributed teams.
Miso surpassed $7.5mm raised and is still accepting investments. Miso Robotics is developing artificially intelligent robots to make food efficiently and consistently.
Verdigris surpassed $6.4mm raised within the first week of launching its campaign – the campaign is now successfully funded. Verdigris is a responsive energy intelligence platform for commercial and industrial buildings.


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