Transforming urban transit ๐ŸšŒ – Dollaride launches on Republic

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Dollaride launches on Republic

Transforming urban transit

The new original rideshare, at an affordable price

The Highlights
โ€ข 341% YoY revenue growth (2019 – 2020 YTD) (unaudited)
โ€ข 200+ drivers on the mobile platform
โ€ข 800+ rides taken | 2K+ riders on the waitlist
โ€ข Addressing a $4.32B national market
โ€ข 2020 Squarespace #MakeItAward winner
โ€ข 4.8-star rating in Apple app store
As cities grow, more and more people are getting pushed farther away from the city center, but public transit is not keeping up. This means that people in some cities have to commute up to 3.5 hours a day.

Dollaride offers a new twist on an old transportation model to ensure that marginalized, outer-city communities have a faster, more convenient commute. They make public transit available to anyone, anywhere by delivering superior transportation starting at only $2 a ride.


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