Tropical Racing launches on Republic

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Buy a stake in one of America’s newest horse racing franchises
• $3.4M in assets including a 200 acre farm in Kentucky and 50 thoroughbreds
• Founder with over 35 years in the thoroughbred racing industry
• $102B equine market size and over $1B in U.S. thoroughbred sales annually
• $4.9 million raised to date

Tropical Racing is a thoroughbred horse racing franchise. Through strategic acquisitions, breeding, and training programs, Tropical Racing is dedicated to producing world class championship racehorses.
Tropical Racing has multiple revenue streams. In addition to their breeding programs, in 2019 they brought in over $300,000 in purse winnings. In 2021 Tropical expects that to increase to over $1 million.
This is a unique chance to invest in a thoroughbred racing franchise led by an experienced and passionate team. Watch the video and learn about how the business model works on Tropical Racing’s deal page.
200 Acres Nestled in Thoroughbred Country

Tropical Racing operates a 200 acre farm on Kentucky bluegrass. The property has 3 barns, 2 practice tracks, 2 tack rooms, a lab room, 6 large grazing fields, and 14 fenced paddocks. Tropical currently has a portfolio of 50 thoroughbreds, and plans to expand that to 65-75 by the end of 2021.
Their location in central Kentucky offers a strategic advantage for racehorse owners. Those within the bluegrass community have advanced knowledge of exceptional offerings, are amongst the first to know about the next “hot” stallion, and are positioned to purchase one-of-a-kind horses that may have slipped through the cracks at auction.


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