TruCrowd Update: Cheering for milestones here on TruCrowd

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On this weekโ€™s TruCrowd Updates, weโ€™re celebrating a new milestone reached by one of the businesses raising capital on our platform.

LiveWell Assisted Living
LiveWell Assisted Living provides elder care through unique assisted living micro-communities and in-home senior care assistance. The company currently operates six assisted living micro-community homes in North Carolina and is set to launch five more properties in the next 12 months.

The company just recently reached a milestone of over $150K and is still accepting oversubscriptions..

We’ve also got some more offerings that have been doing well in recent weeks that you might want to check out:

The company is delivering next-generation technology solutions for various digital currencies and tokenization. Their current course of action is taking the existing coin, Cloudcoin, and technically placing this asset on various large scale exchanges.

Nuurez Inc
The real estate solutions startup that provides an alternative residential solution for millennials and travelers that no one has seen in the market. Nuurez, Inc. offers a unique solution that provides additional income for its own investors who wish to use their homes or properties for home-sharing through affiliate investors.

Over $500K Committed

Superior blockchain alternative using patented technology
Regulation CF Offering
$584,474 Committed | 165 investors
$2000 Min. Investment
$15M Valuation

Over $300K Committed

Provider of alternative residential apartment solutions
Regulation CF Offering
$371,988 Committed | 331 Investors
$500 Min. Investment
$4M Valuation

Over $150K Committed

Building Economic Advancement Networks
Regulation CF Offering
$166,450 Committed | 247 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

LiveWell Assisted Living
CBD Assisted Living
Regulation CF Offering
$153,300 Committed | 18 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$6M Valuation

Minimum Goal Reached

Weeds Never Sleep, LLC
Safe, organic alternative to toxic herbicides
Regulation CF Offering
$27,448 Committed | 36 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation

Streaming Television Inc.
Local Television Back To Local People
Regulation CF Offering
$28,781 Committed | 30 Investors
$100 Min. Investment
$9M Valuation

H & G Science, Inc.
(via CryptoLaunch)
Regulation CF Offering
$23,650 Committed | 21 Investors
$50 Min. Investment

Superior filter for exhaust systems
Regulation CF Offering
$17,500 Committed | 7 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$5.5M Valuation

Med-X, Inc.
Leader in green solutions
Regulation CF Offering
$12,335 Committed | 8 Investors
$420 Min. Investment
$88,552,772 Valuation

Latest Investment Offerings

UV One Hygienics Inc.
UV light sanitation solution
Regulation CF Offering
$252 Min. Investment
$27M Valuation

Raindrop Texting Solution
Text Messaging Platform for Organizations
Regulation CF Offering
$250 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

G-Cloud Limited
Cutting-Edge Cloud Computing
Regulation CF Offering
$450 Min. Investment
$3M Valuation

Cyber Consumer Club Corporation
(via Cryptolaunch)
Regulation CF Offering
$300 Min. Investment

Other Investment Opportunities

Matches people to events
Regulation CF Offering
$150 Min. Investment
$2.4 M Valuation

Project JAM
(via Musicfy)
Multi-platform ecosystem for musicians
Regulation CF Offering
$100 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation

Recent Successful Offerings

StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc.
Crowdfunding and security token offering platform
Closed (Reached maximum target)
$375,041 Committed | 279 Investors
$506.25 Min. Investment
$190 M Valuation


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