TruCrowd updates on May 11th

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Let’s start the week fresh with your Fundanna Weekly Update.


This week, we’ll be playing catch-up with awesome investment opportunities that may be ending their offerings soon.


First, we’d like to shine our spotlight on real estate investment firm 420 Real Estate, which has just a few days left in its current funding round. While 420 Real Estate has already reached its maximum target, the company continues to accept oversubscriptions so better check it out if you haven’t yet!


Another startup that deserves your immediate attention is Qwikleaf LLC, the world’s first click and collect cannabis platform. The innovative company, which uses Amazon-like lockers to automate buying and selling cannabis in dispensaries, has a great potential to thrive in a post-pandemic world. It also has a few days left in its current round so hurry up and learn more about QwikLeaf here.


We would also like to share our recent blog on the new temporary rules announced by the SEC. This temporary relief will make it cheaper, faster and a lot easier to raise money through crowdfunding. To know what these changes mean and how your business can take advantage of them, read our blog via this link.


By the way, we are delighted to let you know that our “Keep The Light On” campaign for small businesses and “angel” businesses is still ongoing.


Under the initiative, qualified businesses have the opportunity to raise up to $250,000 through either a loan-based or an equity crowdfunding at zero upfront fees and discounted success fees. The package includes comprehensive pre-launch and during campaign marketing plans, strategies, and implementation. Find out more about the campaign here.


For our complete lineup of investment opportunities, be sure to check our list below.


Thank you and stay safe out there!


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