Trust Stamp Closing Letter & $6mm Milestone

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Here are a few highlights of our business:
• Opened a wholly-owned subsidiary in the Republic of Malta with €1mm ($1.13mm) of funding approved by the Malta government, to serve as a new innovation hub for our ongoing R&D initiatives
• Launched a Public Benefit Corporation subsidiary aimed at empowering people living in poverty
• Won first place for the Finance award in the 2020 Blue Tulip Awards for our focus on global financial inclusion
• We were accepted into three accelerator programs – the LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement) accelerator, FIS FinTech Accelerator, and OnRamp Insurance Accelerator
• Welcomed seasoned industry experts to the team, including two former GCHQ British Intelligence leaders
• Mentioned by TechCrunch in “6 investment trends that could emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic”
Trust Stamp has grown in many ways during these past few months as the world continues to see consequences of inadequate identity systems unfold. Participation in the connected world requires access to secure, private, and trusted identity. Our goal is to make this a universal human right that paves the way for progress and innovation on a global scale.
Our round closes this Friday, July 17th at 11:59pm ET and we sincerely hope that you’ll invest in our company here.


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