Trust Stamp | Why Mastercard Invested

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Trust Stamp & Mastercard’s working relationship
This past January, Trust Stamp received a strategic investment from Mastercard to establish a secure authentication network in low connectivity environments. The collaborative relationship between Mastercard and Trust Stamp was highlighted in a recently article by Mastercard: “In 2018, Mastercard’s startup engagement program Start Path approached the company to discuss how it might contribute to immunization recording and tracking for children in remote regions. Trust Stamp is now working with Mastercard to integrate its digital identity capabilities into Mastercard’s Wellness Pass solution, which will be launched alongside Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in West Africa.”

“This is part of our commitment to make the digital economy work for everyone, everywhere. Trust Stamp’s AI-powered technologies help us provide our development sector partners with robust authentication solutions,” said Mastercard’s Senior Vice President for Humanitarian and Development Programs, Shashi Raghunandan.

Trust Stamp’s CEO Gareth Genner notes, “The objective is to create the ability for any human being anywhere in the world to assert their identity without reliance upon anyone… Anyone in the world can say, ‘This is who I am and these are what my needs are.’”

Trust Stamp is the deal with the most investments raised currently on SeedInvest. The campaign has surpassed $4.86mm raised and is still accepting investments until its $6.8mm Series A round closes next Friday, July 17th.


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