Ultra-Flexible Solar Materials: PI Energy Raises $800K

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Pacific Integrated Energy
Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Creating New Solar Energy Markets
$908,890 Raised | 1,016 Investors
$500.00 Mipien. Investment

PI Energy is developing unique and flexible solar panels, which they expect to be over 40 times thinner than current market crystalline-silicon solar PV. Their team has developed hundreds of prototypes for their nanomaterial PV technology to arrive at their current design, which they intend to commercialize. Reasons to invest in PI Energy include:

Expanding Market: Their technology can greatly expand the current multi-billion dollar solar module market and put it on a faster path for growth.
Vision: PI Energy envisions their technology on most surfaces for residential, commercial, and industrial markets, as well as wrapping electric cars, buses, mobile devices and more.
PI Energy has raised approximately $14M over the last 9 years of technology development. You can invest in PI Energy for as little as $500.


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