Unmanned Aerial Systems for Delivery and More: Airgility Raises $500K

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Regulation Crowdfunding Offering
Autonomous aerial vehicles with endless possibilities
$635,934 Raised | 1,153 Investors
$248.52 Min. Investment

Airgility is creating aerial unmanned systems that can fly anywhere, including areas where there is limited or no GPS access and in confined areas. These capabilities allow Airgility to conduct the most important missions which include search and rescue, protecting our borders, delivering medical supplies to remote areas and many more important missions. Other reasons to invest in Airgility include:
โ€ข Patents: Airgility has patents on the technology that allows its drones to operate in areas where GPS navigation is inaccessible.
โ€ข Proven Success: Airgility has completed five successful field deployments with the Department of Homeland Security focused on search and rescue in the last two years.
Airgility drones are not limited by computational capacity and don’t require humans. You can invest in Airgility for as little as $248.52.


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