Update: Week of  Feb 9th

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What’s New

Shark Wheel

– reinvented the wheel. Literally. Scientifically proven advantages

– Aired on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, FedEx commercials, FOX, and much more.

– Won two government grants for its farming wheel solution ($225k and $724k). Recently raised $534k from an equity crowdfunding campaign


Colossal Inc

– Every year 8000 veterans commit suicide. We aim to drastically reduce that number

– No other social media platform on the market like SayScape. Currently live on both Apple and Google app stores

– Extremely high growth potential through additional private feeds (first responders) without direct competition in a large part of our target market



– Revolutionary new imaging and robotic technology for pets, proprietary imaging technology with 18 granted patents, 100 patents pending.

– Advisor and investor helped start 200+ companies with multiple 100m+ exits.

-Versatile technology applicable to horses and companion pets with an estimated $3.1 billion addressable market for compact diagnostic MRI.



– SitTight turns sitting into an activity that improves your health, instead of damaging it

– Large Market – Global Standing Desk Market to Reach $2.8 Billion by 2025

– Great Margins – 75% Margin direct sales on retail and 50% wholesale margin



– CBD can help manage anxiety, pain, seizures, neuro-degenerative conditions and more in pets

Dr. Josh Sosnow pioneered the research, development, and education of CBD in the veterinary market.

– Dr. Sosnow created one of the first Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE®)-approved series on CBD. Over 5000 veterinarians have taken the course.


To Follow

NowRx– $ 4,661,753 Raised, 2,234 Investors

– Annual Revenue Run Rate of $7.2mm (based on July 2019 revenue, unaudited)— Revenues for 2018 were $4.7mm, an increase of 89.9% as compared to 2017

– The company has filled over 100,000 prescriptions and served more than 18,000 customers

– More than 4,500 referring physicians, an increase of more than 84% since YE 2018


Airemos– $61,505 Raised, 95 Investors

– Creates inflatable framed structures for a lighter, safer and more efficient alternative to antiquated metal framed structures

– Already have $1,000,000+ in sales with our current products.

– Disney, Samsung, ESPN are customers


Commerce.AI – $296,786Raised, 348 investors

– AI-powered system that sees, reads, and listens to the world’s product information with Deep Product Learning technology

– Founder sold his previous startup to Flipkart group, and Flipkart was then sold to Walmart for $16B. Proven team with Stanford, MIT Ph.Ds.

– $40B business intelligence market growing at CAGR of 26.98%


Prime Lightworks – $146,765 Raised, 246 investors

– Making a fully electric spacecraft propulsion system that does not need conventional mass propellant (fuel)

– $1.8M seed funding raised from Y Combinator and angel investors

– Founder & CEO Kyle Flanagan named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2020 in Science



Ending Soon

The Lieu– Closing Feb 28th

– Building better bathroom experiences for women in the workplace.

– $71,084, 284% of minimum goal raised with 221 investors

– Served over 8K women to date and addressing a growing $53B corporate wellness market


EV TRAIL – Closing March 31st

– Enable and encourage long distance Electric Vehicle travel by strategically placing fast chargers along routes between popular destinations

– Achieved the highest confined temperature of any fusion experimental device, over 2 billion degrees, sufficient for hydrogen-boron fusion.


Wandering Barman– Closing March 10th

– Handcrafted cocktails in a bottle, made in Brooklyn

– $117,143 raised, 468% of minimum funding goal

– Available at 123 locations incl. The Met & Bareburger, w/ 82% re-order rate


Sweetberry– Closing March 10th

– $282,288 raised, 282% of minimum funding goal

– 19 restaurants nationwide; on track to expand to 30 locations by 2020

– $2M+ in revenue in 2018, on pace to finish 2019 with over $4M earned


Provenance– Closing March 10th

– Premium, organic prepared meal delivery service for busy people

– Exceeded $1.43M revenue in 2018

– $73,270 raised, 293% of minimum funding goal



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