Upshift: Startup Opportunity. Sector: Shared mobility

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Another intersting startup to consider for investment is the San-Francisco based Upshift. Their unique business model enables their members to eliminate their need for a car. With a growing subscriber base in San Francisco and prominent debt finance partners on the vehicle acquisition side, they are now preparing to scale into major cities in the US.
Upshiftโ€™s Startup Strength Indicators:

Experienced Founder: CEO Ezra Goldman has two decades of experience building innovative mobility projects, such as with the MIT Media Lab.
Notable Investors: Including MINI (BMW), Urban US, Climate Capital, the cofounder of Nerdwallet, and more.
Notable Partners: Ford.
Sales: Operating currently in San-Francisco.
Upshift has notable achievements in 4 Statrtup Strength Indicators, but we think the most important thing to notice here are the investors that have already shown faith in this company. In particular, the investment by Mini (BMW) and Urban US (one of the leading US accelerators for smart-city startups) are impressive.

For a limited time, you can join them as well as over two thousand people who have already invested in Upshift’s equity crowdfunding campaign, starting with just $100:


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