Used by 5k+ leagues ๐Ÿ – CricClubs is closing soon

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An all-in-one digital platform for cricket players, fans, teams, and leagues

The #1 platform for cricket league management

The Highlights

โ€ข 5K+ leagues | 2M+ users | 57+ countries | 18 National Governing Bodies
โ€ข $1M+ revenue generated to date (unaudited)
โ€ข 85%+ of U.S. cricket participants use CricClubs platform
โ€ข Live streamed 100+ official international matches across 4 continents
Setting up a cricket league can be tough. Many organizers face challenges around engagement, organization and resource issues.

CricClubs is the world’s most comprehensive cricket platform. It is specifically designed for cricket players, offering them multiple engagement, organizational and marketplace-related solutions.
Traction: 5K+ cricket leagues across 57 countries


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