VineView | Crop intelligence for vineyards

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VineView | Bringing Crop Intelligence to Vineyards

With an annual global production value of $167bn, grapes are not only extremely valuable, but also relatively costly to produce. With many vineyards still using traditional methods, there is massive potential for data science and precision agriculture to optimize production and increase efficiency. CEO Richard van der Put believes VineView is positioned to help vineyards transition to “evidence-based farming practices” that will reduce waste and help the industry become more sustainable.
โ€œAs the next-generation of farming robots is starting to see adoption, VineView is developing the crop intelligence required to provide input to these automated systemsโ€, van der Put explains. The market for precision agriculture is expected to register a CAGR of 13% over the next 7 years while the market for artificial intelligence in agriculture is showing even higher growth estimates of over 25% over the next 6 years. VineView provides remote-sensing data and analytics to grape growers that provide growth, health, and water status at plant-level detail.


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