VineView Signs First-growth in Bordeaux & Closing Friday

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VineView signs three out of five First-growths in Bordeaux

VineView has recently signed a contract with Chateau Lafite Rothschild, one of only five First-growth Bordeaux vineyards. First-growth Bordeaux wine is an official classification that ranks the most notable and high-quality producers in the region; these wines are revered around the world as benchmarks of the highest quality possible in wine. With the signing of this contract, VineView is now providing data analytics to three out of five of these estates.

In addition to this traction in France, VineView served an estimated 30% of the Napa Valley market in 2019. VineView’s presence in both of these major market regions points to its applicability in the industry.

As a reminder, VineView’s campaign ends this Friday, July 24th and is still accepting investments.


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