Virtuix Campaign Recap – 147% Funded & Closing Tomorrow

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Virtuix | Campaign in Review & Closing Tomorrow

Virtuix sells the Omni, a 360-degree treadmill that lets players walk and run around inside video games.
Deal highlights & campaign updates to date include:

• Industry is growing | The $165 billion global video game market has been steadily climbing since 2009, but the global pandemic pushed demand for both games and hardware to new highs.
• Investor backed | Mark Cuban was among the first investors to back Virtuix in their first and second Seed round, and he is now upping his investment in the company’s Bridge round.
• Sales during Covid | The company recently installed its 27th Omni Arena system and will install two more over the next four weeks.
• Successful round | Virtuix’s current Bridge round is 147% funded and still accepting investments.
Virtuix is accepting investments until the campaign closes tomorrow, July 17th at 11:59pm ET.


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