Welcome 11 new companies and City Partners ๐ŸŽ‰ from Wefunder

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Introducing: Wefunder City Partners! Our first cohort is made up of 6 ecosystem builders helping exceptional founders between the coasts take their shot. Theyโ€™ll be helping founders and small business owners raise on Wefunder while creating strong community networks.


Move โ€“ The first community-owned digital retailer.
โ€ข Raised nearly $3M from Y Combinator, SF 49ers, Joe Montana, Adrian Grenier, Matt Bellamy and others.
โ€ข Doubling in size every month โ€” 122% monthly growth in February.

PrivacyWall โ€“ Search engine that protects your privacy.
โ€ข ~$2.6M revenue in 2020; 47,000% growth year-over-year in daily active users, consistently profitable.
โ€ข Founder was VC @ Insight Partners who built startups acquired by Salesforce.com, Web.com for $4.5B.

When I Was A Human โ€“ Heartfelt comedy film for global audiences.
โ€ข Feature film based on a critically acclaimed short film in worldwide distribution.
โ€ข Connections to studios domestic and overseas, including WB, Universal, Sony Pictures, Netflix.

Gamestar+ โ€“ The future of game night: streaming games on-demand.
โ€ข Distribution at 82K retail locations and 600K app downloads to date.
โ€ข Owns rights to Family Feud, Scene It?, Jeopardy, and Price is Right; backed by Steve Harvey and Daymond John.

Knowledge as a Service: KaaS โ€“ Software improving workplace training and human behaviour.
โ€ข Adopted by multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, providing recurring revenue.
โ€ข 65%+ profit margins, 3 patents. Pipeline growth from 300K in Jan 2021 to $1M+ in July 2021.

Zestbloom โ€“ Energy-efficient NFT marketplace designed to reward creators.
โ€ข Engaging, easy to use, fast, and secure.
โ€ข Streamlined way of experiencing a broad array of digital media while directly supporting artists.

Industrial Sustainability โ€“ Providing environmentally responsible products for the industrial world.
โ€ข Generated $2.5M+ in sales during 2020, products sold at West Marine stores, Amazon and Walmart.
โ€ข Fuel additive saves customer 7-10% on fuel and cuts emissions in half.

Rayyan Systems โ€“ AI tool extracting knowledge from research to accelerate scientific discovery.
โ€ข Used by 110,000+ researchers from 14,000+ organizations across 180 countries.
โ€ข Ranked #1 in various independent 3rd party studies, 150+ new user sign-ups per day with zero advertising.

Invincible Entertainment Partners โ€“ Media company owning and licensing movies, TV and more.
โ€ข 12 streaming TV channels, 1.6B monthly ad impressions, and 300M+ in content reach.
โ€ข Board includes Thom Beers, 3X Emmy award winner and producer of Deadliest Catch, Storage Wars, and Ice Road Truckers.

BioSmart Research โ€“ Manufacturing CBD formulations for pain management, anxiety, neurological disorders and more.
โ€ข Launch in 2019 produced $1.7M in sales.
โ€ข Market through retail dispensaries, healthcare providers, pharmacies, affiliates, and internet sales.

Closing Soon

Powur โ€“ Accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy.

bluShift Aerospace โ€“ First dedicated rocket launch service for the booming nanosatellite industry.

Firelight Camps โ€“ Luxurious, stylish, and social glamping experiences.

Starwalker Industries โ€“ Local bottled water distribution, manufacturing, and recycling.

Relevant Entertainment โ€“ Film production company making a positive impact.

Social Media Gateways โ€“ Borderless eCommerce and mobile digital payments.

evrmore โ€“ Digital wellness app using emotion AI for underserved youth.

Looking For Group Nexus โ€“ Social media platform designed for and by gamers.

Persistence Data Mining โ€“ Real-time soil health analysis to increase farm sustainability.

The Block Distilling Company โ€“ Craft distillery making #everydamndrop in house.


Close to Goal

Agora 75%
Search engine for local products.

Mod Tech Labs 81%
Digitizing the real world with 3D digital media in a click.

Todos Comemos 72%
First ready-to-serve ingredients marketplace in Latin America.

Escaping Ohio 72%
Coming-of-age film about hometown hopes vs big city dreams.


Most Raised This Week

Gamestar+ โ€“ The future of game night: streaming games on-demand.

Beno โ€“ Building the next generation of electric bicycles.

Arqlite โ€“ Recycled smart gravel tackling plastic pollution.

Powur โ€“ Accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy.

Securum Capsa โ€“ Changing the way deliveries are secured.


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