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Let’s be honest โ€“ online entertainment has kept us sane these past few months. Check out these companies giving film, music, and recreation giants a run for their money

Entertainment Startups

Legion M โ€“ The world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.
โ€ข One of the most successful companies in JOBS Act history with over $10M raised and 25,000+ investors.
โ€ข Projects with Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Nicolas Cage, Anne Hathaway, Dean Devlin, and more.

DIVERTsessions Pop-Up โ€“ COVID-safe outdoor sports and education, bridging social inequities.
โ€ข Team of leaders from TopGolf, Disney, Nike, Universal, Red Bull, X-Games and more.
โ€ข Combatting social inequities with access to action sports and education.

VirZOOM โ€“ The future of fitness, on Oculus Quest.
โ€ข Development team behind success of Guitar Hero ($1B revenue), Rock Band ($2B revenue), and Dance Central ($50M revenue).
โ€ข Upcoming move to Oculus Store to increase total addressable market by 200x and discoverability by 10x.

Wildeye โ€“ Pay to talk with influencers via private video calls.
โ€ข Leveraging the network effect of millions of influencers promoting to 3.8 billion followers.
โ€ข CEO/CTO worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT and authored 10 technology patents.

Inspire Studios โ€“ Entertainment for empowerment: inspiring true stories.
โ€ข Co-producer is global boxing champ and icon Manny โ€œPacmanโ€ Pacquiao.
โ€ข Fully developed screenplay that’s production partner and director ready.

Vampr โ€“ Live streaming for the world’s largest professional network for creatives.
โ€ข Facilitated 6 million professional connections in 190+ countries.
โ€ข Multi-award winning platform โ€“ named in Apple’s Best of 2017 apps list.


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