With $1.3M Annual Run Rate (unaudited)- GoBe launches on Republic

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GoBe launches on Republic

Creating positive eating experiences for parents and kids

The ultimate snack container that’s literally brain-changing for kids

The Highlights
• $100k+ in revenue per month and operating at a profit (unaudited)
• $1,300,000 current Annual Run Rate (unaudited)
• Distribution partnerships in U.S., Canada, and Germany
• 5 star customer rating across all platforms
• 60% year over year growth and on track to achieve 100% growth this quarter
• Sold out of every manufacturing shipment so far (over 30,000 units)
Feeding young kids is often a terrible experience. For every 3 meals that a parent serves to their toddler, they can expect that the child will eat one, play with one, and ignore one.

GoBe helps parents by providing them with the tools they need to create more positive feeding experiences for both the parent and the child. The GoBe Snack Spinner may look like just a spinning device but it actually is quite literally brain-changing for the child. GoBe helps children develop a positive relationship with food which also guards against future eating disorders and obesity.


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