With $10M in lifetime revenue, Citizens Coffee launches on Republic

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Citizens Coffee launches on Republic

This Forbes-featured company is disrupting Starbucks
• Lifetime revenue of $10M
• Launched 4 profitable locations and corporate HQ in under 4 years
• Average revenue YoY increase 87%, ~average EBITDA YoY increase 84%
• Profit margins exceed publicly-listed coffee and food brands
• Resilient during COVID, increasing profitability up to 6% YoY
• Featured in Forbes, The New York Times, and Vogue
Citizens Coffee currently operates 4 profitable NYC cafes. They offer a different take on how the cafe should operate. It’s based on the Australian cafe concept. Citizens focuses on fresh Australian-style food, craft coffee, wellness, and embracing technology.

The first four locations have generated $10M to date, and Citizens aims to launch another 40 locations by 2024.


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