With 125% week-over-week growth – Borrow launches on Republic

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Borrow launches on Republic

The future of electric vehicle ownership

Short-term electric vehicle leases


The Highlights
• 100+ users to date | 2K+ waitlist with 17 new subscribers/mo
• Growing fleet — 4 different car models across 4 categories
• $1M+ in funds to date | 125% week-over-week growth
• EV sales expected to grow rapidly over the next decade to 3M+ by 2028
Electric vehicles (EVs) are an exciting, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas cars, but they can be expensive and confusing to customers.

Borrow is a short-term EV leasing company that combines customer service, industry expertise, and utility to create an accessible EV experience. They offer an easy way to access transportation without the long-term commitment and inflexibility of a traditional lease, and without the high costs of daily ride sharing.


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