With 135K+ sound therapy sessions – AudioCardio launches on Republic

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AudioCardio launches on Republic

Physical therapy for your hearing

• 135K+ sound therapy sessions and 62K+ hearing assessments
• 24K+ users and 2.7K + customers and grew web traffic by 35x in 12 months
• 2024 Projection: 250K customers and $21M+ ARR in a $19B+ TAM
• Clinically proven with Stanford University, Palo Alto Medical Foundation
• Product accolades awarded by Centre for Aging and Brain Health & more
• Participation in the CTIP, Grid110 and Startup Boost accelerators
Hearing aids cost between $2K and $8K per pair in the US, and they’re rarely covered by insurance premiums. They also require a visit to a specialist, ongoing maintenance costs, and are often perceived as a disability. Due to this, the average person waits over nine years before seeking professional help.
AudioCardio is helping users maintain and strengthen their hearing by using threshold sound conditioning technology to generate personalized sound therapies. AudioCardio’s sound therapies don’t require active engagement. They work passively in the background while users do other activities like listening to music, exercising, working, and falling asleep.


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