With 140% growth through COVID-19 – Acai To-Go launches on Republic

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Acai To-Go launches on Republic
The better way to açaí
Açaí sorbet that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere
• Sold nationwide, 1,000+ doors and across 20 franchises
• Major retail partnerships with Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, H-E-B and more
• Seeing 140% growth during COVID-19
• Contains 115+ wild harvested berries per tube
• Organic and Minority Owned Certified
• Sustainable packaging made from recycled paper
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had an açaí bowl from a juice bar and loved it. But açaí bowls can be expensive and hard to make at home.
Açaí To-Go is redefining the way people eat açaí by selling ready-to-eat wild harvested organic açaí in recyclable paper tubes that people can enjoy anytime, anywhere.


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