With 30% MoM growth – BuildStream launches on Republic

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BuildStream launches on Republic

Transforming the labor marketplace for supply chain quality inspections
• Y Combinator (S19) company
• Labor marketplace to book and manage quality inspections
• Transforming the $220B, supply chain quality sector
• $150K revenue generated in trials
• Building the RigUp for supply chain quality
At over $200B in total spend, supply chain quality inspection is big business. Companies with global supply chains need to source qualified inspectors all over the world, and this work is highly time sensitive. Failure to source inspectors on-time risks delaying project completion, and can ultimately lead to mistakes that are more expensive to rectify further down the line.
BuildStream is the all-in-one platform for supply chain quality inspections and audits. Their innovative platform means every step of the workflow is digitized and optimized. With BuildStream, clients can source qualified inspectors from their global network, schedule inspections and audits, share, store and view project documents, as well as manage team and project based messaging.


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