With $6.5M revenue in 2019 – Stojo launches on Republic

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Stojo launches on Republic

On a mission to end disposable culture—one reusable product at a time

Earth-conscious reusable products that make it easier to live sustainably

The Highlights

• $14M in lifetime revenue with just $1M in funding
• Grew revenue to $6.5M in 2019, a ~140% YoY increase
• U.S. revenue grew 97% in 2020; profitable in August & September of 2020
• Sold in over 40 countries
• Launching 3 new product lines: food storage, kids, & recycled ocean plastic
• #245 on the Inc. 500 List for 2020 (#26 in Consumer Products)
Half of all plastic today is used only once. That means thousands of years sitting in a landfill or floating in our oceans, for just moments of use.

Stojo is a collapsible and portable lifestyle brand, offering stylish products that make it easier to live sustainably. They create products that solve the world’s waste problem and give consumers the products they need to make sustainable lifestyle changes.


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