With $75M in assets under custody, fintech startup AltoIRA is live

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AltoIRA launches on Republic

The Alternative IRA for investing in crowdfunding, PE, VC, crypto & more
Easily invest in alternatives using your IRA

The Highlights

• Digital self directed IRA company modernizing IRA investing
• Providing tax-advantaged access into alternative assets
• 21 investment partners including Republic, Masterworks, and AngelList
• Invest directly in cryptocurrencies with an Alto CryptoIRA
• Excellent rating with 80+ 5 star reviews on independent review platform
• $2.5T opportunity with a larger $17T market opportunity
Millions of Americans depend on IRAs (individual retirement accounts) as a tax-sheltered vehicle to grow their nest eggs. But until recently, investment options in these accounts were mostly limited to publicly-traded securities such as stocks and bonds.
AltoIRA is a fintech company which offers their customers alternative IRA investment options. Instead of just offering publicly-traded stocks and bonds, AltoIRA offers a suite of different IRA options.
• The Alto IRA: startup equity, venture capital, loans, and more
• Checkbook+ IRA: real estate investments
• Alto CryptoIRA: buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through Coinbase
Since founder Eric Satz launched AltoIRA in 2018, the company has grown quickly. Here are some key stats.
• $75 million in assets under custody
• 1,230 funded accounts
• Approximately 3,000 active investments
• 21 partnerships with investment platforms (including Republic)
Republic is a partner of AltoIRA, so you can already use an Alto IRA to securely invest in startups on our site. We partnered with Alto because we believe in their offerings. Alto is cost-effective for customers, offers transparent pricing, and provides an easy-to-use solution.
AltoIRA is going after a large $17 trillion retirement savings industry in the U.S. (IRA and 401k). It is estimated that today only 5% of that amount is currently invested in alternative assets. Yet professional investors such as pension funds allocate up to 20% of their assets to alternatives such as startups and private equity.
Today the self-directed IRA industry is dominated by legacy financial companies which often use pre-internet technology and paper-based products. AltoIRA leverages modern tech to deliver a fast, seamless, and affordable product.


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