With 85+ universities as customers – Procertas launches on Republic

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Procertas launches on Republic

Leveraging online learning to increase proficiency with essential business tools

Online learning platform for Microsoft Office and essential technologies

The Highlights
• 85+ universities have adopted Procertas into their law program offerings
• 50+ firms have integrated Procertas into their employee training programs
• 7,500+ certifications issued
• 450,000+ scores posted to date
• Expanding beyond legal sector with new BOTA product
• Bootstrapped business to $650K+ sales revenue since 2017
Many students and young professionals lack technical fluency in essential technologies like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and PDF.

Procertas helps individuals identify and address key skill gaps in the basic office technologies. Through personal assessments and certifications, Procertas helps people become experts the exact software packages they will use in their daily professional lives.


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